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Spirit of enterprise: self-confidence,self-discipline,independence,self-improvement,deliver high quality and max value specialized products and service for customers. Win understand ,respect and support of by customers by sincere and strength.

Staff: believe effort and dedication, admit achievement of staff and deliver corresponding repay,create good work environment and development prospect.

Market: reduce cost of purchase and risk for customers, deliver practical guarantee for investment of customers.

Development: seek target of sustainable development,and put it set up the base of customers satisfaction.

Foshan Nanhai Fishing Brand Machinery Science and Technology Co. Ltd.

Address:No.9 Xi Yi Road Xinlian Industrial Zone Heng Lu Lishui Town Nanhai District Foshan City

Web site:www.yupaijixie.com Hotline:0757-85651532 135 5332 8688

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  • Foshan Nanhai Yupai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

    Address:No. 9 West Road, new Union Industrial Zone, Li Heng Road, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan



    Service hotline:0757-85651532



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